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Profitable Partnerships are a Reality

We specialize in making effective and scalable partner marketing programs a reality for our clients. Our comprehensive management services are designed to help you scale your business and drive growth through our proven strategies.

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How we work

Our process begins with a thorough audit of your existing affiliate program or a feasibility study to determine if partner marketing program is suitable for your business. We then develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap tailored to your business goals and key metrics.

To ensure that we are best positioned to be able to drive incremental growth and achieve your partner marketing goals all new clients must go through a paid 360 degree affiliate program audit or feasibility study. This sets us up for success to deliver the best results possible when we start working together on full program management services.

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Our onboarding process

Setting up a successful affiliate program requires careful planning and execution. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive onboarding process designed to ensure that each new client is set up for success from day one. Unlike other agencies that jump into managing your affiliate program on day one, we take our time to really make sure we are the right agency for you.

By following our proven onboarding process, you can rest assured that your affiliate program is set up for long-term success, with a clear path to growth and profitability.

Step 1

We audit your existing affiliate program, or if you don’t have an affiliate program we run feasibility audit to make sure an affiliate program is suitable for your business. This includes reviewing and checking the following areas to ensure you have the optimal setup.

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  • If you already have an affiliate program, we will audit the following areas to ensure you have the optimal setup
  • Affiliate network’s settings
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Program operations
  • Offer strategy
  • Commissioning strategy
  • Activation strategy
  • Creative available
  • Reporting setup
  • IO’s / affiliate agreements to ensure they are legal and brand-safe
  • Approved partners – including auditing productive, click-active and inactive affiliates
  • If you do not already have an affiliate program, we will run a feasibility study to ensure we can launch a new affiliate program for you successfully by
  • Offer strategy
  • Creative available
  • Read through reviews to ensure your product/service is best-in-market
  • Auditing your funnels, presells and PDP’s
  • Reviewing your internal KPI’s including: CAC’s, conversion rates, goals and profit margins
  • Outreach to top affiliates in our network to gauge their interest in promoting your brand

Step 2

we use our findings to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for how to scale your affiliate program and present this to you (this is a big deliverable for the brand and they can use it to give to another affiliate management agency, freelancer or use it to have their in-house team use it as a step-by-step guide on how to grow and scale their affiliate program). This includes:

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  • Development of a data-driven affiliate strategy tailored to your business goals and key metrics like CAC, ROAS, ROI, etc.
  • Create a new recruitment strategy focused on high-growth opportunities
  • List out top strategic partnerships we recommend working with to grow outside of traditional affiliate
  • Develop an optimization strategy for scaling existing partners
  • Develop an activation strategy to grow volume from currently inactive partners
  • Communication strategy
  • Tracking and pixel strategy
  • Offer strategy
  • Commission strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • and more…
  • Provide a recruitment list of high-potential new partners like influencers, content partners, media buying affiliates and mass-media partners to help grow and diversify your affiliate channel and drive new customers.
  • Recommending changes to:
  • Tracking
  • Offers
  • Messaging
  • Payouts
  • Creative
  • And more to maximize your affiliate channel’s effectiveness
  • Share ideas for recommended A/B tests based on past successes to optimize affiliate traffic for conversions on site
  • Share ideas for presell pages (advertorials and listicles) along with recommended agencies and freelancers who can deliver completed assets that convert better than your existing pages
  • Develop a placement strategy along with recommended partners to potentially invest in
  • Audit price: $2,350 one-time fee

Step 3

If we are completely confident we are the right agency to help you optimize and scale your affiliate program we will create a custom proposal and share this with you after the audit is completed

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  • Includes
  • Optimization
  • Activation
  • Creative management
  • Dedicated account manager strategy
  • Complete white-glove, done-for-you management of your affiliate program
  • Regular strategy calls with the team
  • Unlimited support and communication via Slack, Phone or email
  • Includes managing all affiliate partnership types including: influencer and mass media publisher partnerships
  • Management of your chosen affiliate network (or we will recommend one for you)
  • Recruitment – via the network(s)+ strategic external recruitment targeting top publications, sites and influencers based on your industry and product/services
  • Development of a custom affiliate presell page 2x per year with ongoing conversion optimization and AB testing support ($3K value alone)
  • Include an “Us vs Them” section where I highlight what I offer:
  • 1×1 service – you get me (Galen) vs large agencies you don’t know who you are working with and they likely don’t have much experience (I have 10+ years in affiliate marketing)
  • Easy and transparent pricing (featured on my website)
  • Expertise with media buying affiliates, influencers, mass media publishers, content affiliates, brand-to-brand partnerships and more vs competing agencies rely too much on coupon and loyalty affiliates for growth
  • Easy contracts: I offer month to month contracts with only a 60-day notice required vs my competition often requires 12 month contracts
  • My focus is on incremental growth vs competitors often rely on coupon, and loyalty traffic, which is not incremental

Ready to scale with affiliate?

Let’s chat about your partner marketing goals and discuss investing in a 360 degree audit of your existing affiliate program or a feasibility study for a new program launch. We will work with you to develop a tailored strategy that drives incremental growth and achieves your goals. Contact us today so we can take the first step towards working together.

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