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Partner Marketing Done Right

Drawing upon over a decade of expertise in the affiliate marketing industry our founder, Galen Schneider, builds partner marketing strategies designed to achieve your goals.
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What we do

We specialize in growing your affiliate marketing programs through our vast network of affiliates, industry experience and proven growth strategies.

Strategy development
  • We learn your brand and audit your affiliate program to identify growth opportunities
  • Align on target CPA’s, approved partner types and strategy
  • Finalize goals and (re)launch your program
  • We work 1×1 with affiliates to optimize their campaigns for scale and efficiency
  • Collaborate with you to test new creatives, funnels, offers, and landing pages to optimize channel growth
  • Continually ideate with affiliates and scale
Recruitment & activation
  • We leverage our relationships with thousands of affiliates to get them to promote your brand
  • Work with each partner 1×1 to activate quickly
  • Negotiate placements to unlock new partnerships and sales opportunities
Program operations
  • Setup and continuously monitor tracking
  • Regular performance reports
  • Fraud monitoring & compliance checks
  • Communicate regularly to ensure your brand is top-of-mind with each affiliate

About Us

Partnerality is a boutique affiliate management company founded by Galen Schneider. With over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing, Galen has launched and grown affiliate programs for more than 50 clients. This includes the launch of Uber’s partner program, increasing Target’s partnerships to over 100,000 affiliates, and scaling Little Passports by 169% YoY within 6 months.

  • Partnerality only takes on a handful of brands to ensure they get the attention they deserve.
  • Galen personally manages all client accounts alongside a dedicated affiliate management team.
  • Clients see an average increase in volume of 108%+ within 6 months of signing on with Partnerality.
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We provide comprehensive affiliate management services to help ecommerce businesses scale their partner marketing programs. Our specialty is in developing a data-driven affiliate strategy, and providing white-glove, done-for-you management of your affiliate program. Our focus is on incremental growth through strategic partnerships with media buyers, marketplaces, mass media publishers, content affiliates, and influencers.

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How we work

We recognize that each client has unique needs and requirements. We acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Instead, we prioritize the development of customized solutions by conducting a comprehensive evaluation process. This allows us to precisely determine the specific actions that need to be taken in order to address our clients’ individual needs effectively.

Step 1

360 Degree Audit or Feasibility Study

We audit your existing affiliate program, or if you don’t have an affiliate program we run feasibility audit to make sure an affiliate program is suitable for your business. This includes reviewing and checking the following areas to ensure you have the optimal setup.

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Step 2

Custom Strategy Development and Roadmap

Based on the insights gained from our audit, we develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to scale your affiliate program. This valuable deliverable can be used to collaborate with other agencies, freelancers, or serve as a step-by-step guide for your in-house team to grow and scale your affiliate program.

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Step 3

Custom Proposal and Full Management Services

If we are completely confident we are the right agency to help you optimize and scale your affiliate program we will create a custom proposal and share this with you after the audit is completed

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Is Your Business Ready to Scale?

To ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible results for our clients, we have established a set of minimum requirements that we ask all new clients to meet before working with us. We have found that clients who meet the following requirements are best positioned to benefit from our services and see significant growth in their affiliate programs.

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1. Revenue

Ecommerce business with at least $10M in annual revenue from your online store.

2. Business status

Your business is profitable or you have investment capital that you are funneling into the business to scale rapidly.

3. Channels

Your core marketing channels (paid search, paid social, email etc.) are effective and optimized.

4. Sale Funnel

Your website has at least one optimized funnel with an average conversion rate of 2% or higher from cold traffic.

5. Investment

Your business is profitable or you have investment capital that you are funneling into the business to scale rapidly.

Client Case Studies:

Demonstrating Our Expertise in Action

Throughout the span of 10 years, we have consistently delivered outstanding results for the businesses, providing expert guidance in partner marketing. Our proven affiliate strategies have played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth for our clients. We proudly showcase some noteworthy instances that exemplify our significant contributions.

This wine retailer was founded in the early 2000’s and was one of the first wine retailers to launch an ecommerce store online. Specializing in finding and selling wines from high-quality, small and medium sized winemakers, they saw great success in their core marketing channels. In 2015 they decided to launch a new affiliate program and initially saw great success! However, lack of investment in resources and dedicated management in the affiliate program led to years of declining contribution and stagnation.

HOMER is a children’s learning app that is designed to teach children to read and improve their literacy skills. The app offers a personalized learning experience for each child, with a curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs and interests.


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Little Passports is an educational subscription box service for children between the ages of 3 and 12 that sends monthly packages with educational content and activities related to different countries and cultures around the world. Founded in 2009 by two friends, Amy and Stella, Little Passports was created with the mission to teach children about other cultures and perspectives, while nurturing their interest in travel and encouraging their desire to learn and explore.


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Above Customer Acquisition Goal


YoY Affiliate Channel Growth


Our clients and partners love working with us

Ready to scale with affiliate?

Let’s chat about your partner marketing goals and discuss investing in a 360 degree audit of your existing affiliate program or a feasibility study for a new program launch. We will work with you to develop a tailored strategy that drives incremental growth and achieves your goals. Contact us today so we can take the first step towards working together.

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