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Online Wine Retailer

This wine retailer was founded in the early 2000’s and was one of the first wine retailers to launch an ecommerce store online. Specializing in finding and selling wines from high-quality, small and medium sized winemakers, they saw great success in their core marketing channels. In 2015 they decided to launch a new affiliate program and initially saw great success! However, lack of investment in resources and dedicated management in the affiliate program led to years of declining contribution and stagnation.

Our success insights


The online wine retailer’s affiliate program was stagnant and seeing a decline in growth and marketing contribution year over year. The company was looking to reverse this trend and find new, high-quality and incremental affiliate partners to work with to grow their wine subscription business.


The company decided to work with Galen Schneider, who quickly ramped up recruitment of new content affiliates, launched card-linked offer campaigns, optimized the program to maximize incrementality, and booted low-quality and fraudulent affiliates to free up budget. We also heavily invested in strategically recruiting mass media publishers, which led to a highly successful placement with one of the top publications on the internet: Wirecutter.


This partnership with Wirecutter alone drove over 1,600 net new subscriptions and an additional $107,000 in revenue on non-subscription purchases at an average CAC of only $28. The sales from Wirecutter, combined with several additional successful partnerships, skyrocketed the brand’s sales contribution from an average of 9% to over 34% and led to the affiliate channel being the #1 driver of new customers for the brand.

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