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HOMER launches new Media Buyer affiliate program and acquires 1,500+ new subscribers in 6 months

HOMER is a children’s learning app that is designed to teach children to read and improve their literacy skills. The app offers a personalized learning experience for each child, with a curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs and interests.

New Subscribers Acquired
Below Blended CPA Goal
Free Trial To Paid Sub Conversion Rate
oY Affiliate Channel Growth

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HOMER’s affiliate program had significant issues with fraud and low quality incentivized affiliates dominating the channel’s volume. The company decided to dump these low-quality affiliates and find a strategy that drove high volumes of high-quality new subscribers to grow the business.


After conducting a thorough audit of HOMER’s affiliate marketing program, the team from made several recommendations to optimize and scale the affiliate program. These included improving the quality of affiliate partnerships by removing all low-quality and incentive affiliates, launching a new mass recruitment campaign targeting high-quality content affiliates, and engaging with Squaredance.io to tap into their vast network of media buying affiliates to drive more volume.


Following the implementation of these recommendations, HOMER saw significant improvements in key metrics. The audit resulted in the acquisition of 2,152 new free trial sign ups and 1,571 net new paid subscribers within 6 months, with a high conversion rate from free trial to paid subscriber at 73%. Despite removing low-quality traffic the affiliate channel also saw a 32% year over year growth, and the CPA per new subscribe was well below the goal by 36%. These results demonstrate the value of optimizing affiliate marketing programs and working with experienced partners to achieve success.

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